Your Savior Intercedes For You!

Came across this text from Hebrews this morning:

“Therefore He is able also to save forever those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” (Heb 7:25)

There are three encouraging truths that flow from this text like a healing river. First, Jesus Christ, our great High Priest is able to save forever. Reader, are you saved from the wrath of God to come? Are you born again by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God, who was crucified for your sins, died, was buried, and resurrected for your justification? God is speaking to you from our text. He is telling you where you must go to find salvation and rescue for your souls. Consider the many sins you have committed against Him! Still, Jesus is the Rock, Shelter, Fortress, the Strong Tower that you must run to in order to be safe from His holy justice. And the salvation that is offered to you is not temporary for our text says, "He is able to save forever." He does not offer temporary eternal life, but everlasting eternal life. Look to Jesus sinner, believe in Jesus, take the narrow way -- Jesus, and you will be saved forever and ever!

Second encouraging truth in our text is that the way to Jesus is offered to everyone, even you. Our text says it is available to save, "Those who draw near to God through Him." “How,” you might ask, “does a sinner on earth draw near to a holy Savior who is in heaven?” Pray! Talk to Jesus. Prayer is your stairway to heaven, your key into the throne room of His grace. He is God, and being God knows all things, is everywhere present, and He knows every word and thought of your heart. When we draw near to others physically, we walk towards them, we embrace them, talk to them. We draw near to Jesus when we believe in Him, trust Him, read His Word, and pray. Jesus' arms are open wide. He is the great High Priest and Shepherd of the Sheep of God. Draw near to Him now in faith for there is no other name given among men by which you must be saved. Turn from yourself, your sins, your efforts to please God, and trust only in Christ Jesus to save you, for He alone is able to save forever those who draw near to God through Him. If you find your faith is weak, cry out to Him, "Lord, help my unbelief become a strong saving faith!" Jesus will never forsake a prayer like that, which comes from a broken heart. Draw near to God through Jesus Christ in faith and He will wash away your sins and save you forever!

Third encouraging truth in our text is found at the end of Heb. 7:25, "Since He always lives to make intercession for them." What blessed and encouraging words are these! How often do we fail Him! Though we be born again, adopted into the family of God, though we are given every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, though we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, though we have been saved to walk in newness of life and freed from sins power by His grace, still, we go back to our sin like dogs to their vomit or pigs to the mire. Nevertheless, we are justified in God's site through Jesus Christ. We have perfect atonement and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Every day, Jesus, our Savior, Redeemer, and Lord lives to intercede for us! Do you know Him? Then believer, remember He always lives to intercede for you!

Imagine, before you woke up this morning, the Lord Jesus Christ sitting on His throne, the angles of God attending Him, light streaming forth from His presence, and He is thinking of you, watching you! Even though He sees your frailness, your weakness, your proneness to sin, yet He prays for you! He intercedes to the Father on your behalf! He doesn't just pray for people in general, but for you in specific. He has your name on His heavenly, glorified lips! The King of kings and Lord of lords, the Perfect, Holy, and Righteous One is praying for you, in heaven! And do you think the Father will answer Jesus' prayers? You know that He will. Not because you are good, but because Jesus Christ is perfect and has shed His own blood for your soul! He has died and made a perfect, all sufficient sacrifice for you! He has taken away all your sins, nailing them to the cross so that God only sees the perfect righteousness of Christ in you! Amazing grace! Jesus lives forever to intercede for you!

Be encouraged wayward one! Jesus is able to save sinners forever. Jesus saves sinners when they draw near to God through Him. Jesus eternally lives to intercede for those who place their faith in Him! Rejoice! Jesus intercedes for you!