In this Bible study series, key issues Christians face in society are considered in light of the Scriptures. This study is designed to give believers biblical answers to difficult problems we all face living in a fallen world and to  provide resources for biblical counselors. Click on the links below to view or print a PDF version of the study.

Lesson #1 - Truth Versus Relativism

Lesson #2 - Maintaining Personal Purity

Lesson #3 - Escaping Internet Pornography

Lesson #4 - Modesty--Dressing for the Glory of God

Lesson #5 - Exercising Christian Liberties

Lesson #6 - Homosexuality

Lesson #7 - Abortion

Lesson #8 - Suicide

Lesson #9 - Contentment

Lesson #10 - Having Jesus as Your Boss

Lesson #11 - Divorce And Remarriage

Lesson #12 - The Tongue--Lit On Fire By Hell Itself!

Lesson #13 - Forgiveness And Reconciliation Between Sinners

Lesson #14 - Women's Roles In The Church And Home

Lesson #15 - Women Working Outside The Home

Lesson #16 - Men As Spiritual Leaders In The Church And Home

Lesson #17 - The Christian And War

Lesson #18 - The Christian And Government

Lesson #19 - How To Live By The Book: Applying Biblical Ethics to Life